Sunday, March 22, 2009

Coming out of hibernation--winter sowing hostas

Now that we have had a couple of warm days in here in the frozen tundra, I can feel myself coming of out hibernation.  I even picked up some tulips at Trader Joe's the other day to add a little spring to my house.  Of course, just when I start getting excited about spring it snows again on Friday night.  Yesterday, however, was in the 50's and beautiful.  

Thinking about getting my hosta seeds out today.  I've had very good success at starting them outdoors right about now.  I use my winter sowing containers, which are plastic bottles that I recycle into mini greenhouses.  I cut the plastic water bottles almost in half, drill drain holes in the bottom, and fill them with about 3 inches of soil.  I then plant my hosta seed, label the bottle, lightly water the soil, and place them outside.  Make sure to keep the cap off of the bottle, so water (or snow) can get inside.  I have had better luck using this method to grow hostas from seeds than trying to start them inside.

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