Sunday, June 28, 2009

So long to the garden that started my hosta addiction

Many years ago I was in Crivitz, WI for the weekend (or up-north, as we refer to it). My parents have a weekend place there. My mom and I were bored while the men were out fishing, so we decided to drive around and do a little shopping. In one of the stores a lady told us about a hosta nursery that was located just outside of town. We decided to check out Woodland Gardens, and it was there and then that my hosta addiction started. Here was this beautiful house in the middle of the wood surrounded by the most amazing hosta you have ever seen. I had a "green" hosta and a "green and white" hosta at the time. I had never seen hosta in so many sizes and colors. I was overwhelmed, but Cathy, the owner, was so nice and shared her knowledge of hosta with me. Over the years I have come back to visit often, and, of course, I have purchased quite a few hosta from her garden. This spring I received an email from Cathy letting me know that she was officially retiring, and would open up her gardens for the last time this weekend. So I had to go visit her and see the gardens for the last time. The first time I visited I her garden I bought three hosta, 'Abiqua Trumpet', 'Grand Master', and 'Niagara Falls' which brought my total in my yard to seven. This time I walked away with seven hosta, which now bring my total to over 350 different varieties. For more pictures of the garden, join me on Facebook (Cheesehead Gardening).

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