Monday, July 6, 2009

Another new bed goes in

One missing fingernail and a fractured finger later a new garden bed has gone in. Since we were putting this one right on the lot line, we first talked to the neighbors about it. Then we lined out the edge of the new bed in rocks. When we found the size that worked well for mowing around and for the plants inside, we then killed the grass around the rocks (strong vinegar will work or grass killer). Then in went the dirt. Sometimes I will line the bed with newspaper or cardboard over the grass, but this time I did not since I was going to be using left-over landscaping fabric I was given to go over the top of the bed. Landscaping fabric went over the top of the dirt. I then took all of the plants and arranged them by color and size around the bed. I had a tree peony and some daylilies to put in with the hosta, so I made sure they were in locations that receives more sunlight. Once I had the plants arranged where I wanted I used a scissors to cut holes in landscaping fabric. Then I dug holes and planted all of the plants. Once I had the plants in I laid down the mulch. I have found it easier to lay down mulch afterwards, but some people prefer to do it before planting.

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