Sunday, September 20, 2009

Painter's Palette - Persicaria virginiana

Painter's Palette is a great plant to add a pop of color to your shade garden. It will grow in shade and in dry locations. Painter's Palette has leaves with a great marbling color to them. In fall it blooms with the tiny red flowers seen in the photos. Painter's Palette grows under my maples, which is a hard place for any plant to grow. It does spread, very slowly here in Wisconsin. I have had the plant in the picture for 4 years, and so you can see it does not spread out of control like other persicarias can.


Anonymous said...

I love this plant! It adds a great pop of color in the shade garden. It self sows like crazy, if you do not want "babies" cut off the seeds. In my zone 5 garden most gardeners have never seen it before and want some. I think this is a great under-utilized plant.

Anonymous said...

I agree!! Love this plant. It is growing in a dry shade area of my yard and looks beautiful. I had never seen or heard of it and bought it on sale at a local nursery. Glad I did!!!