Saturday, January 23, 2010

Honest Scrap Award

Last week I was nominated for an Honest Scrap award by my friend and follower blogger, Jenn Hammer. Her blog Jenn's Cooking Garden is full of great information on California gardening, canning, recycling, and all kinds of yummy recipes.


Recipients of the Honest Scrap award are supposed to reveal ten truths about themselves, and then extend the award to seven other bloggers. I think all of my other blogger friends have already received this award, so I just might have to skip that step.

So here are my ten truths about myself:

  1. I grew up in a small Wisconsin town with a population of about 2500. At least 70% of the town was of German heritage (including myself), and as a kid my grandparents and many of their friends spoke German, as well as English. You would think that would mean that I can speak German, but I only know how to count to 10 and swear in German.
  2. Both of my grandparents had home gardens when I was a kid. My maternal grandparents had a huge garden that was bigger than my current backyard. So gardening seems to be in my blood.
  3. All of the kids in my neighborhood gathered at our house to play. We had a huge yard that including 2 chestnut trees (for climbing and throwing chestnuts at each other), a tetherball pole, the perfect pine tree (that worked as an awesome fort and somehow the branches were just right for climbing all the way to the top) and the best sandbox in town. My great-uncle owned a quarry, so every summer he would deliver a brand new dump truck load of sand to us. As soon as he brought the sand all of us would run into our houses and ask our parents for baking soda and vinegar, and we would build what we thought was the largest sand volcano ever.
  4. I was a tomboy.
  5. My dad lost his job due to a union strike, and we moved to a "city" of 25,000 when I was in 9th grade. So I went from a graduating class of about 50 to 500. It was not an easy transition, but it was where I met the person who is still my best friend, Gina.
  6. When I first entered college I was planning on earning a degree in International Business with a minor in French. This may have been influenced by the fact that I lived in France for about a month as part of a high school trip. I graduated from college with a degree in Early Childhood Education and Library Science, you try to connect the dots there...LOL!
  7. I have naturally curly hair now, but as a child my hair was very fine and thin. So fine and thin that my mom had to tape bows and other things in my hair if she wanted them to stay.
  8. I married my husband when I was 31 and he was 30. We are exactly 1.5 years apart from each other. Does that make me a cougar? LOL
  9. I have no children, not for lack of trying :)
  10. I just stumbled into hostas, and somehow have never looked back. It has become somewhat of an obsession with Gina, myself, and now my mom. I think I am closing in on almost 500. I have so many that I use my neighbor's yards. I think it might be time to consider a new house and yard, but I dread the thought of digging up all of the hostas and bringing them with me (and yes, they would have to come with me). Plus I have awesome neighbors on each side of me.
Ok, so I said I would probably skip this step, but here is one blog I read often. Jeff Branch's blog My World. Jeff is a fellow hostaphile and I live vicariously through him and his quest for the perfect burger since I can't eat beef. So I nominate him for an honest scrap.

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Jenn's Cooking Garden! said...

Awesome! I loved reading about your childhood! I lived in a small town to and loved tree forts! Oh to be a kid again!