Sunday, March 21, 2010

Garden Lesson Learned

It's not very often that I go away for a number of days without my husband. Not because we are attached at the hip or anything, but it just seems to happen that way. However, last summer I went away for a few days for a girls "camping" (which means staying in a cottage) trip, and while I was gone my husband cleaned out my gardening bench in the garage and threw out stuff he felt I didn't need. Then in fall I went away for few days for a work related conference, when I returned I found that my husband had chopped down everything in my garden with my bypass lopper. Things that were chopped to the ground including two huge climbing roses and many clematis. It's hard to yell at him, since he thinks he is helping me. So last week I was leaving for a few days, and I decided to give my husband a job to do while I was gone. Well, let's say lesson learned. When I arrived home I had a new small garden bed waiting for me in the front yard, and the rest of my plants and garden tools were safe and sound. So I now know, if I go away....give him a list of jobs to do!!
This was area before adding garden bed around it. Frost had heaved our rock wall and so that also needed to be fixed.

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