Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cheesehead Gardening Unscripted is here!


Jeff Branch said...

Video - how exciting. You can resize the video to fit your template by adjusting the video HTML. Look for width and adjust the pixels to fit. I have not done this in a while - I think you will have to adjust the height to keep it from being squeezed.

Hosta Nerd said...

LOL, Jeff, are you related to my husband by any chance:) I didn't even notice that the full screen was not on there.

John Pederson said...


Ok. I'm still pretty stupid and have a stupid Wisconsin question that's almost gardening related.

What's the best plan of attack against the damn dandelions in my lawn? I've had limited success with the fertilizer/weed killer combo thing and a spreader. I tried some spray stuff that did all right, but I might need to buy stock in the company at the rate I'm growing weeds in a really big lawn. As I poke around the Internet all the advice says "You should really treat this in the fall!", etc. I'm not all that patient.

What's the best plan of attack right now?