Monday, June 14, 2010

Garden Road Trip - Flower Factory & Stonewall Nursery

Today my friend, Gina, and I took a road trip to the Stoughton, Wi area (south of Madison).  Our first stop was the Flower Factory.  If you ever plan a trip to the Flower Factory, make sure to plan AT LEAST a half a day.  No matter what you plants like, whether it be hostas, coneflowers, vines, water plants, miniatures, etc. the Flower Factory has them.  My one complaint is that every time we take this road trip it rains.
Gina head to the Hosta Hut
Some of the many hoop houses
Mixed hostas in containers
These are all old hostas in these hoop houses, I just want to take a shovel to them and start digging:)
More hoop houses
Gina, the hosta ninja, pointing out a streaky eye on a hosta.

One of the hosta huts
Green roof on Garden Shed
As we were leaving the Flower Factory today, one of the employees suggested we visit Stonewall Nursery, which is about a mile away, to see their selection of conifers and other trees.  
Some of the conifers
This is only a small selection of what was offered at Stonewall.
Of course our road trip would not be complete without a stop for cheese.  So a stop at Schultz's Cheese Haus in Beaver Dam was in order before heading home!

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Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I went to the Flower Factory 2 weekends ago, in the rain. Which was probably a good thing, as I would have bought even more had it not been pouring. I have yet to visit Stonewall, but someday...