Saturday, March 19, 2011

Signs that Spring is Near

As I walked around my yard today, I was actually kind of surprised to see how many plants were already starting to pop up.  Especially since most of my yard still looks like this:
One plant that didn't surprise me was the Hellbore, since it usually blooms while there is still snow somewhere on the ground.
Another that didn't surprise me was the vinca, since that stays green for the entire winter.
However, there are plants that I was surprised to see, and maybe I shouldn't be.  It's funny how every year I forget when plants start making their comeback.  It seems early to me, but maybe that is because Easter is so late this year?  So here are the plants:

I looked back in my blog, and realized last I had posted some signs of spring pictures already on March 7th, so I guess this is not early.  I am just happy that it's here!  I am not going to be political on this blog, but I am a teacher in Wisconsin.  So it's been a VERY long winter.  What plants are coming up in your yard?


Cassi said...

I have been excited to see my glory-of-the-snow, daylilies, and tulips. I have snowdrops and purple and yellow crocus blooming. My husband keeps a couple of beehives, and the girls are already out on the crocus.

I also have a pussy willow with it's first catkins emerging --last year the bunnies ate it to the ground because I forgot to fence it, so even though this is our second spring with it, it's the first time we'll get to see it bloom.

I haven't moved the mulch aside to look for bleeding heart tips yet --I'm afraid it'll get cold again.

BTW, I'm a teacher in northern IL, with lots of friends in WI --it has been a long winter.

Diane at My Cottage Garden said...

It has been a long winter! You are ahead of us (I'm in zone 4a) but I have some crocuses just starting to come up in my sunniest spot. I don't think it will be long now. (Last year they were blooming on March 25). I think we are late this year.

I enjoyed your photos of what's coming up. I find this a really exciting time of year in the garden. Every day you can see something new.

Rohrerbot said...

I hope spring is getting ready. As a teacher here in Arizona, I hope your winter ends soon:) We'd like our Northern teacher friends to smile again and relax and enjoy the fresh air that warmer temps bring. We're all crossing our fingers down here that the winter storms are over for this year and won't be as severe next. I feel like the grey clouds will open up to plenty of sunshine and mosquitos...with some yummy fresh and squeeky cheese curds on the counter of some random rural gas station:) Simply put...that's perfection.