Friday, October 14, 2011

Stealing my Leaves

The leaves really started to fall last week.  I woke up Saturday morning to see my neighbor boy, who is 8, raking all of the leaves out of my yard into his.  I wasn't about to stop him that's for sure.  The next morning he was at it again.  My husband and I went to breakfast, and when we came back he was still raking all of the leaves into his yard.  He spotted me getting out of the car and yelled to his younger sister, "Quick hide, we're stealing their leaves!"  

The neighbor's yard with our leaves.


Rohrerbot said...

LOL!!!!! That is awesome. Little thieves. The only part I hated about fall in Wisconsin was the raking bit. Of course it was fun to jump in the pile of leaves afterwards....but it wasn't so great if we had leaves from the neighbor's yard who never picked up after his dog....pretty disastrous. Very funny story. I'd encourage him to continue his raking. Hopefully his parents won't mind:)

Hosta Nerd said...

oh yeah, I have been the victim of the leaf pile with the dog pile at the bottom.