Monday, August 27, 2012

Lack of Hosta Seeds this Year

It just hit me this week as I was walking through the garden, and I can't believe that I did not notice it sooner.  Very few of my hostas have seed pods this year.  I know it's not a lack of bees; I have bees a plenty in my garden.  I'm guessing the lack of rain and the extremely hot temperatures are to blame.  Hostas that bloom very early like Elegans and Borsch #1 have seed pods but those mid-summer bloomers just have dried up scapes.  Hosta 'Dragon Lady' is one that usually a prolific seeder, and look at it this sad with it's dried up scapes.

I also have noticed that I only have one daylily with seedpods, and I even went out and tried to hand pollinate them myself.

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