Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ice Storms and Spring

This week the Cheesehead Garden was hit with an ice storm.  We lost power for for about 11 hours but luckily there was no damage.  I did manage to get some cool shots of my crocuses encased in ice.  

Then this weekend when we surveying the damage to the trees in our yard, I happen to notice my first hosta nubs of the season!  Might be time to think about setting up the greenhouse.

Ice on crocuses
Ice on last year's brown eyed susans.

Alliums coming up.

First hosta nubs of the season.


James Mann said...

It's a pain that you were without power for so long but glad nothing was damaged.

The crocus look amazing encased in ice.

We keep having snow that covers up all the things started in our our yard but they seem to just take it in stride.

Hosta Nerd said...

The crocuses took it all in stride too. They were blooming a few days later when we actually had sun.