Sunday, April 26, 2009

Steps in making rock trough from styrofoam fish box

Today I made my first "rock" trough out of a styrofoam fish box.  Here are the items you will need to create your own:
Styrofoam fish box (Mine was from a pet store, but you can also get them from fish market)
Wire Brush (bought mine at Big Lots $2 for 2)
Heat Gun (found in the paint department of most hardware stores)
Masonry Paint
ShopVac for vacuuming up styrofoam pieces

Tip: Do not attempt to rough up styrofoam inside of the house as this process is extremely messy.

I am planning on planting mini gardens in my new troughs.


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Polystyrene beads said...

Thanks for sharing useful post. Some days before I wanted to make a fish box with polystyrene but I had no idea how can I made this. But now I read your post and I'm ready to do this with my own hands.