Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fair weather plant shopping

Saturday morning was the Paine Art Center plant sale in Oshkosh, Wi. I look forward to this sale every year, because if you get there early they usually have some new perennial or shrub that you can not find anywhere else.  However this year my friend, Gina, and I were fair weather plant shoppers.  Saturday morning brought on overcast skies, 40 degree weather,  and 36 mph winds.  So we decided to head indoors instead. We jumped in Gina's truck and made our way to Hobart, where one of our favorite nurseries is located.   Here is a picture of Mayflower Greenhouse in Hobart, WI. Second picture is the truck packed with all of goods from Mayflower.  The third picture is the truck after we also stopped at Rosehill Gardens (which we also like), which is just around the corner from Mayflower. Pretty good haul!

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