Sunday, June 13, 2010

The stars of this weekend's garden walk/plant sale

I love talking plants, especially hostas with people.  So I was in my element this weekend touring people around my gardens.  I have my favorite plants and hostas in my garden, but since everyone has different tastes it's always interesting to see what plants my visitors really love.  Here were the stars of my garden this weekend:
h. 'Sum of All'

It's hard to tell from pictures, but the leaves on h. 'Sum of All' are huge.  As I like to say, "They are bigger than my head."  That is a one foot ruler in the pictures above.
h. 'Dream Queen'
h. 'Touch of Class'
Everyone loves just how blue this hosta is, which is hard to capture on camera.
h. 'Kiwi Full Monty'
This is another one you have to see in person. As 'Kiwi Full Monty' is very blue on the edges, has a wonderful, playful white line, and then the center is light green.
h. 'Foxfire Off Limits' everyone loves how brightness of this one.
h. 'Golden Meadows' this one is a real beauty with it's textured, twisty leaves.
h. 'Royal Tiara' this hosta may be small, but it's packs a punch of colors.
h. 'Elegans' this one is huge!
h. 'Earth Angel' is my favorite, and a favorite of many others.  It has beautiful tri-color leaves.
h. 'Academy Blushing Recluse' this hosta is actually reverting back to solid gold, but everyone loved how all the leaves were a different color.
Purple Smoke Bush, this non-hosta plant in my yard is one people will ring my doorbell to ask about.


Jane Tonn said...

I was way to busy packing for trip coming up tomorrow...etc...I had really hoped to drop by and see your garden...oh well...maybe next year you will do this again. Your pictures are lovely.

Jeff Branch said...

All your hostas look great. I have a very young Dream Queen and hope it will look as good as yours some day :)

Hosta Nerd said...

Hey Jeff, that Dream Queen is about 6-7 years worth of growth. Not a fast growing hosta, but it's worth the wait!

Jane, we are thinking about maybe doing a Cheesehead Garden walk in fall as a fundraiser for perhaps one of the Humane Societies.....if not this year, next year. It would be my yard, my co-hosts yard, and my friend Gina's yard.

Melissa said...

Great Pics Jen! Thanks for the internet tour!

Sandy said...

Great looking hostas! I just got Dream Queen last week, so mine is little yet. I love that Royal Tiara, ok fine now another hosta to look for, thanks! Wish I could visit to see them all in person!