Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Corn in Planters

Close up on leaves of Japanese Striped Maize.
Whenever I need some plant therapy in the winter I cruise through the seed aisles in the local gardening stores.  This past winter I happened upon some seeds for Japonica Striped Maize.  I had seen them before online, but had never seen them locally.  I don't have room for growing corn of any kind, but the foliage on this corn really drew me in.  So I decided to buy the seeds to see if I could grow them in my containers.  I always like to put a tall focal point plant in the center, so why not try striped corn.  If it worked I would even have my very own popcorn come fall.  The seed packet said it did not recommend  starting them indoors, but I decided to try starting half of the packet indoors and had great success with them.  I planted them in the middle of two of my planters, and I am really happy with the results.  I even  noticed today that I have little ears of corn starting on my plants (I hand pollenated them, just to make sure).  

Corn in one of my planters.

Corn in another planter.

Tassels developing on corn.
Ear forming on corn.

Further view of corn growing in planters.

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Monica the Garden Faerie said...

I'm so excited to see this entry. All sorts of things can be grown in containers--I do potatoes, for example. Do you actually get corn cobs? People insist you need more than one corn, but last year I just had one plant, and I got corn!!

Hosta Nerd said...

Yes, I added a picture of one of the ears that is forming. I planted two corn plants in each container.