Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to make the miniature gardens (fairy gardens)

Yesterday I blogged pictures of some of the miniature gardens I have.  I promised that I would show how they are made today.  The first step for me is to find basket and containers.  I have very good luck finding baskets Goodwill or at Stein's (a local garden store) for less then $4 a piece.

Supplies you will need:
cardboard or newspaper to line baskets
soil (I use cactus soil since I use succulents)
pea gravel or small stones
plants (I use hardy succulents since mine stay outside year round)
Miniature items or other items to decorate gardens.  If looking for miniature items to decorate your gardens there are two great sources that I trust: Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center, LLC out of Seattle and Miniature-Gardening.com which is out of the Winter Greenhouse in Winter, WI.  Both have online stores and retail stores.
1. Line the inside of the basket with cardboard or thick sheets of cardboard.  If basket comes lined with plastic make sure to puncture holes in bottom to allow water to drain.  Any standing water in the basket will cause succulents to rot and in winter it will cause freezing.

2. Fill the basket with soil.

3. I usually add the miniature which will be the main focus of the garden now, so I can build my garden around it.

4. Then I add my plants, remembering to add different colors, heights, and textures.
5. I then add my pea gravel or make my paths (see below) using mosaic tiles that can be found near stepping stone or stained glass supplies in craft stores.

It's really 5 steps to make these cute little miniature gardens.  The most expensive part of the whole project are the miniatures used to decorate, but you can make them as cheap or expensive as you want.  You might be surprised what you find in Goodwill or in the dollhouse section of a craft store.


Rohrerbot said...

That is really cool. I just got an iron stand and a pot. I want to try this out as soon as my paychecks start coming in:)

Candice Suter.....Sweetstuff said...

Very cool! You are quite an artist.