Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hosta of the Day - 'Big Daddy'

I started off the week with two miniature hostas, but today I am featuring another big hosta called 'Big Daddy'.  I will admit that I bought this one at first just for it's name.  It's a very slow growing hosta.  It's also one of the slower ones to pop it's nose out in spring.  Every spring I think I have lost it, only for it to pop it's nose out late.  It has blue leaves that can grow to be over a foot, but the leaves will turn more green the more sun it receives.  As you can see from the pictures, as 'Big Daddy' matures his leaves grow to be more crinkly and cupped the leaves become.  This is another hosta that has very thick leaves, so slugs are more apt not to eat this one.
'Big Daddy' 2011
'Big Daddy' 2009


Larry said...

I'm enjoying your new hosta series... particularly the comparison photos... Larry

Brad Saron @bradfordgs said...

These photos come at just the right time! I feel the need, the need for . . . green!

Hosta Nerd said...

Thanks! I've been keeping my own photo library of my hostas over the years, and I am amazed at how much they change over the years.

I also feel the need for some green! I'm done with winter already!