Monday, February 27, 2012

Hosta of the Day - 'Gypsy Rose'

The hosta 'Gypsy Rose' is named after Gypsy Rose Lee, who was famous for her burlesque act.   Which is fitting, since 'Gypsy Rose' is a sport of the hosta 'Striptease'.  For those of you out there who have a naughty section in your theme gardens, yes I know you are out there, you should have either a 'Gyspy Rose' or a 'Striptease' or both in your garden.  The hosta 'Gypsy Rose' has a wide dark green margin, and the center of the hosta starts off as light green and lightens to yellow as summer progresses.  There is also a very thin line of white between the margin and center color.  'Gypsy Rose' is a medium sized hosta, and would be great paired with gold or chartreuse hostas.

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