Monday, May 21, 2012

Putting Together Annual Containers

This past weekend was containerpalooza in my garden!  I look forward to the spring day when the weather is warm and the danger of frost is gone, because it's when I can start putting my containers together.  While I didn't finish all my containers, I am hoping to finish up the last of them this week after work.  Here are the elements I try to put into my containers:
1. At least one plant for height (this doesn't always work with smaller containers)
2. Contrasting colors....mix dark colors with light colors, etc.
3. Mixtures of heights and/or textures

Here is the empty planter

I add my plant for height, in this case it's Black and Blue Salvia

Then I start placing plants around and rearranging until I like the colors.

Once I have the plants in place then I add soil and plant them.

Some other containers from this weekend:

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