Thursday, July 5, 2012

What's in Bloom 7/4/2012


Rohrerbot said...

They look gorgeous! Love the yellows from the flowers. I always like how they are mixed with other yellows or pinks like from the coneflower, etc.

I found that pic of hostas from the Green Bay Botanicals and thought of you. I wish they grew here better. They really make nice border plants or look great under the canopy of a tree.

Anonymous said...

Nice shots.

Is the next-to-last daylily (6th pic from bottom) H. 'Wispy Rays'?



Hosta Nerd said...

Yes, that one is 'Wispy Rays' I love it! Photos can't capture just how beautiful it is.

Hostas do make great border plants, but they are very picky about having a cold dormant stage which is something they wouldn't get there. Not unless you put them in the freezer for a few weeks:)