Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hosta Pottery has arrived

Platter and Plates
Hosta Plates
Hosta Platter
A few weeks ago when I was looking through my Google alerts (yes, I have Google alert send me a daily search on hostas), I came across Steve Knipp's blog. Steve Knipp is an artist who creates hosta pottery. I instantly fell in love with some of the pieces and had to have some for myself and to give as a Christmas present for my hosta loving friend, Gina. So I emailed Steve asking him if I could purchase some pieces. Steve was so gracious, he went out and priced shipping for me and replied quickly.

Today my pieces arrived, and they are so beautiful! The plates are for myself, but the platter is for Gina. She is going to love it. They are a great way to get your hosta fix in the dead of winter (as I write this we are in the midst of a blizzard warning, I can't remember ever having a blizzard warning before). I can't wait to have my next get together to show off my hosta plates.


Cool Garden Things said...

Those are awesome-you just need some ceramic slugs to put on them;)

Hosta Nerd said...

LOL, they are the only hosta I don't have to put sluggo around.

Dottie said...

OMG...they are gorgeous!!!

Jeff Branch said...

Interesting. They would be sort of cool to use for a summer eveing dinner on the screen porch.

Andrea said...

LOVE THEM! Oh great...one more thing I "need". lol