Monday, February 1, 2010

h. 'Dream Queen'

h. 'Dream Queen' is a sport of h. 'Great Expectations'. While h. 'Great Expectations' can be a very picky growing hosta, h. 'Dream Queen' is much easier to grow. The leaves are nearly round. The are bluish green in color with a narrow white center. This hosta is very similar to h. 'Thunderbolt'.


Gayle said...

I've been a hosta lover/collector for years, and I just started with a blank slate last summer at my new house. Hopefully this year I'll have Hosta things to talk about on my blog.

I bought Dream Queen and Thunderbolt last summer and can't wait for them. Yours is gorgeous! How many years in the ground is your Dream Queen in that pic?

Hosta Nerd said...

My 'Dream Queen' was about 5 years old in the picture.