Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mitchell Park Domes in Milwaukee

In the tropical dome looking up.
Miniature Alamo
Golden Barrel Cactus
I love this cactus, it looked like a snake
This past weekend my husband took me to the Mitchell Park Domes in Milwaukee. The "Domes" were first opened in 1967 (which is before my time, by the way). There are three "domes" with each one hosting different types of plants. There is a desert, tropical, and a floral show dome. As a child my grandparents often brought me there, as they were both gardeners. I remember there being lizards, turtles, snakes, and other animals in the domes, but I only saw birds this time around. I really enjoyed the show garden dome. Right now it houses a miniature railroad garden complete with the famous Wisconsin circus train and Oscar Mayer wienermobile. I loved the railroad garden, since just last year I started to dabble in miniature gardens. Here is video of the railroad garden.

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Janit said...

Wow, Jen! What a fun day you must have had! And that is a HUGE miniature garden railroad, I must say. It's lovely to see all the flowers throughout the layout.

Can't wait to see an update on your mini garden this summer!