Saturday, February 6, 2010

Question: What is your favorite growing tip for growing hostas?

What is your favorite growing tip for growing hostas?

The best way to grow big, healthy hostas is water....and lots of it. I even experimented once and grew a hosta in my pond all summer. It worked out great until I forgot about it, and it froze over the winter. oops. The hostas that grow the fastest in my yard receive morning sun, afternoon shade, and lots of water. They don't need heavy fertilizers. One of the reasons I love hostas so much is they don't require a whole lot of care. They are kind of like cats. I can leave and go on vacation, and my cats are fine as long as I left them food, water, and clean litter boxes. Hostas are much the same way. I water them good before I leave on vacation, and no need to worry about having someone come over and take care of them while I'm gone


Gayle said...

I can't wait for spring for the hosta to start! I agree about the water.

Another one is to make sure they have decent soil. My last house was awful clay everywhere. I had trouble in my early hosta days because I only amended the soil in the immediate area of the hosta planting hole. Over time, the compost & nice soil would get absorbed by the hungry clay. I had trouble with the hosta sinking down and maintaining it's spot. If you're dealing with clay soil, I recommend working the soil in the entire planting bed if possible...or at least amend a couple feet out from the hosta...and not just the first planting hole you dig.

PS: Love your blog!

Hosta Nerd said...

Thanks Gayle! Great point about the soil, if you don't have the right soil hostas will also heave easily during the winter. The simply just pop out of the ground, and then will not survive.