Friday, June 17, 2011

Preview to tomorrow's garden walk

Here are some small things you might not notice if you go on tomorrow's garden walk.  I am hoping that the weather holds out, as I have heard about 5 different weather forecasts.  Almost all of the forecasts involve rain at one point during the day.  Hope to see some of you tomorrow!


Gardens at Waters East said...

Well you made it through the day without rain. I couldn't make the garden tour since I was attending a conservation easement dedication along the river here. Hope the garden walk went well. I did like the photos you posted and the arrangements. Your first one of the sedum is probably my favorite since they are one of my favorite plants in the first place. The others are nice too. Jack

Hosta Nerd said...

The weather couldn't have been better. Just the perfect temperature for being outside all day long. The garden walk went great. I met a lot of fellow gardeners, and everyone was so nice and complimentary. Boosts the garden ego a little:)