Monday, February 6, 2012

Hosta of the Day - 'Dance with Me'

Hope everyone has recovered from all the Super Bowl food and drinks last night.  Since the Packers didn't make it into the Super Bowl it wasn't a very exciting event in our household.  We already knew that our cat, Roxy, loved watching the Brewers on TV, but yesterday we found out that she also really loves the Puppy Bowl.  Perhaps she's trying to tell us it's time to get a dog again?

Today's hosta is hosta 'Dance with Me'.  'Dance with Me' has very vivid heart shaped leaves that are gold with a wide green margin.  The leaves are thick and leathery.   It would look great paired with hosta 'Last Dance' which is a "sibling" to 'Dance with Me' and has the opposite color scheme.  I have mine paired with hosta 'Blue Wedgwood' which makes the bright leaves of 'Dance with Me' stand out against the dark color of 'Blue Wedgwood'.


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