Sunday, July 22, 2012

Morning Glories: Weeds or Great Garden Vines?

I love Morning Glories.  I will search out and buy as many colors of Morning Glories as I can find.  They usually start to bloom in late summer, and add color when many other flowers have long since stopped blooming.  I throw them in my containers to add late summer/early fall color.

Morning Glory 'Grandpa Ott' blooming already this week. This one reseeded itself from last year.

Some of the morning glories will reseed themselves, such as the Grandpa Ott pictured above.  They don't reseed like crazy, instead it's usually just one or two plants in my zone 5 garden.

My aunt and uncle were just here visiting from Washington state, and when she saw my morning glory vines growing from my pots she called them weeds (in a very nice way).  I have been to Washington many times, and have seen the wild morning glory growing everywhere choking out other plants.

So what's your opinion?  Are Morning Glories weeds or great garden vines?  I found a great link that on this topic:


Larry said...

Couldn't help but respond... the last time we grew Grandpa Ott on purpose in our gardens which are about 60 miles south of you was several years ago. We have been pulling seedlings ever since including several hundred this year. I have no idea why these seeds like it so well here... we did like them once and have been paying the price ever since... seedlings even turn up in my compost pile!

Hosta Nerd said...


Rohrerbot said...

Both! The problem is that they have such perty flowers:)