Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How to get lily pollen off your clothes

If you've ever brushed up against your lilies, you know that it's near impossible to get the pollen off your clothes. Last year when I was at the Farmer's Market in Olympia, Washington I asked the owner of the Lily Pad how she deals with pollen. She said most importantly, never try to brush the pollen off with your hands. The oil in your skin will smear the pollen and usually make the stain worse. Instead you should take take and dab at the pollen to try to lift it from your clothes. If that doesn't work and the pollen stains your clothes she said the only stain remover that worked to remove pollen was Zout. So when I arrived home I invested in a bottle of Zout (it's not expensive), and I can testify that it does work to remove pollen (and many other stains).


Dottie said...

Good tip. Thanks!!

Judi said...

Pollen from Hardy Lilies will come off clothing with scotch tape.
It works very well.
Just take a piece and dab it on the pollen and it will all come off on the tape.
I used it on a "waffle weave" type of table cloth and it even worked on that.
Then, just wash as usual.