Monday, October 5, 2009

Aconite or Monkshood

One of my favorite fall blooming plants is Aconite, otherwise known as Monkshood. I love how blue the flowers are, and how the flowers actually resemble little hoods. It is always one of the last plants to bloom in my garden (toad lilies may be the last). The monkshood plant in the picture about is about 6 ft tall, so it does best at the back of a border. Mine do great in a partially shaded area and prefer to be kept moist. They come in colors other than blue, such as pink, white, and even a blue/white bi-color. There is a drawback to growing Monkshood, all parts of the plant are toxic. So if you have anyone or anything that likes to eat plants in your yard, you should not grow Monkshood.

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