Sunday, October 25, 2009

Even small trees are beautiful in fall

Today I took a peek in the backyard. I wanted to see just how many leaves have fallen in the last couple of days. It had been raining on and off for days, and I figured (and was right) that quite a few leaves would have been knocked down by the rain. However, it wasn't all the leaves that caught my was this bright red pop of color amongst all the yellows of fall. There amid the hostas lies a Japanese maple. When I think of fall, I think of all the large maples and their beautiful hues or orange, yellow, and red. However, I forget that my little Japanese maple puts on a beautiful fall display of color that far outweighs some of the large trees. So what beautiful surprises have you found in fall?


DawnK said...

Pretty colors!

Jeff Branch said...


Isabell Kiral said...

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