Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lily Trees

It's almost time for the sweet smell of lilies in the air.  Just the other day my neighbor came over and asked me if I had heard about Lily Trees.  She said there was an article in the local paper, and someone in our town was selling these new things called Lily Trees.  When she went on to describe the article I realized what she was calling a Lily Tree was really just an Orienpet lily.  They are a combination of an Oriental lily and a Trumpet lily.  They smell wonderful, grow to be very tall (usually 6-7 feet in my garden), and have very thick stalks that usually do not require staking.  I grow mine in both full sun and partial shade, and they don't seem to prefer one over the other.  Lily Tree, as stated in the article, is simply a marketing ploy.  Some plant catalog decided to call them Lily Trees in hopes of boosting their sales, but really they have been around for a while.  I hate it when plant companies come up with these ploys, it is usually the companies you want to stay away from (but that is just my opinion).  Another lily not mentioned in this article that also grows to be very tall are L.A. Lilies or longiflorum-asiatic lilies, which are a combination of an Asiatic and an Easter Lily.  L.A. Lilies usually bloom earlier in the summer then the Orienpet lily.  L.A. lilies do have some fragrance, but they are not quite as strong as an Orienpet lily.  Both are quite easy to grow, and would be a great addition to any garden needing a little height.  If you are looking for a local source for these lilies I suggest either Solaris Farms in Reedsville or Rosehill Gardens in Oneida.
Bulb on an Orienpet Lily
Orienpet 'Garden Treasure' getting ready to bloom

The fence is lined with L.A. Lilies which will bloom very soon. 


Jenn's Cooking Garden! said...

Those look neat. I may add these to my list of flowers to try! I have to garden beds I want to fill with flowers! Plants are so spendy, its taking me awhile!

Rohrerbot said...

Oh!!! That's what those are growing in my Mom's garden! Last year I tried to identify them, but um...sadly beer got in the way of the investigation.

Hosta Nerd said...

LOL, must have been that good Wisconsin beer.

SimonaGabriele said...

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