Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Organizing Garden Pictures - tech meets gardening

This week I am attempting to organize my gardening pictures.  As you have probably figured out from reading my blog, I am a visual person.  So what better way for me to remember what I have in my gardens, then by creating digital photo albums.

I am using the online website called Photobucket to create digital photo albums, but I am sure other photo hosting sites such as Flickr would also work.  It just depends on what website you are comfortable using.  The advantages of using online photo hosting sites to build you albums:

  1. You are using someone else's server space, so frees up space on your computer
  2. They are easy to share with others
  3. It's free 
Why create digital photo albums?
  1. A way to remember what you have planted.
  2. Log progress or lack of progress on plants in your garden.
  3. It gives you something to look at and admire in the winter when nothing is blooming.
Depending on how many plants you have, creating digital photo albums take time.  You could always take the pictures now when everything is blooming, and then in the dead of winter when you need some plant therapy you could organize your albums.  I like to update my albums every two years, and then I can see how different my plants are in that span of time.  I also add notes to my pictures, such as if and when I divided or moved certain plants.

Here is an example of one of my photo albums.  All my hostas that begin with the letter B:


donna said...

How did you know my garden photos were in need of organizing. I'm addicted to taking pictures of what's growing/blooming in my yard.

Hosta Nerd said...

My neighbors probably think I am crazy since I am seldom without a camera as I walk around my yard.