Thursday, July 14, 2011

Review: Remington RM212B Electric Battery Push Mower -win a lawnmower

This spring Remington contacted me to find out if I would like to try one of their electric or battery powered lawnmowers.  I really wanted to try a battery powered lawn mower, especially since our old lawnmower died earlier this spring.  We have too many trees and other obstacles in our yard for a corded electric lawnmower.

Here is the lawnmower Remington sent me:


  • Easy to put together
  • VERY easy to start
  • Quieter motor
  • Adjustable height (all four wheels are adjustable at the same time)
  • Comfortable handle
  • Can choose from side discharge, mulch, or bagging lawn clippings
  • No gas required
  • No winter maintenance, simply store battery for winter
  • No cord required
  • We mowed lawn twice and never had to charge battery (still life left)
  • Has indicator lights on battery so you know when power is running low and it needs to be charged
  • Most important: it was great at cutting the lawn (better then our traditional lawnmower)
Here is video of how easy lawnmower is to start:
  • Because of the battery lawnmower is a little bit heavy, would not work if you have very large hills or steep inclines to mow.
  • Not self-propelled, this is only a drawback if you are used to a self-propelled lawn mower.
  • This was a smaller base compared to our other lawnmower.  This is 19" and our previous mower was 22"
Would you like to win your own Remington RM212B Electric Battery Push Mower??  Cheesehead Gardening and Remington are giving one away!!  Just enter here.  A winner will be chosen by random number generator on July 25th.  So be sure to enter by 9pm (central) time July 25th.  Good Luck!

Remington sent me the lawnmower free of charge, but asked me to be 100% honest in my review of their product.


Rohrerbot said...

I'd love to enter, but I have too many rocks around here:)The thing would be broken in no it would help if I had grass:) I love the video. It looks like a nice machine. Hope you're enjoying your summer....I know I am. This week I'm housesitting 5 puppies who are all sitting around me right now. Have a good Thursday!

Hosta Nerd said...

Perhaps you could win it for someone else who has lawn?? :)

Double Danger said...

Such a cool giveaway and it looks like it would do the trick around here.

Jenn's Cooking Garden! said...

What a neat lawn mower! It looks like it really worked out for you! would work great on my lawn!

MrBrownThumb said...

What a cool giveaway! Good luck to the entrants!

Anonymous said...

did you choose the winner

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