Sunday, March 18, 2012

Everyone is ready for spring but me

"It's hard to believe it's March," seems to be a common statement here in Wisconsin lately.  The past week the weather was in the 70's and this weekend we were close if not in the 80's.  Now when the weatherman says that we are going to have a cold spell by the end of the week, he means it's going to be in the 60's.  I go outside and there is so much that I want to do in the garden, but I have to keep reminding myself that's it's only March.  I can't ever remember a March where I was outside in a t-shirt and shorts for days on end (unless I was on vacation somewhere warm).  I see my neighbors and listen to my friends talk about how they have raked up all their flower beds and on the inside I just cringe.  I go outside and I am so tempted to rake out my flowers beds too, but my biggest fear is that it's not unusual for Wisconsin to have snow in March, April, and even into May.  I just think the more insulation you leave on the ground will help protect the plants that seem to think it's spring as much as every Wisconsinite.  I feel like the grim reaper when I try to remind people that this is Wisconsin and we could still have snow.  I seem to be the only person and plant who does not think that spring is here to stay.  Do you think I am being too cautious in my thinking?
Purple spring crocus, blooming before my Hellebores

Yellow spring crocus

Hosta nubs already showing up

Daylilies sprouting up all over the place

Buds on Forsythia 

Masterwort already coming up

Rhubarb sprouting

Buds on my Tree Peony

LA Lily already coming up

Vinca blooming and wrapping itself around Donkey-Tail Spurge

Bleeding Heart coming up

Daffodils setting up blooms


Larry said...

I am consumed by the same fear (here about 50 miles south of you). The problem is that there is so much growth, I've found it necessary to clear off the beds or it will be an impossible task later, working around the plants. It's not the snow that concerns me, or even the frost... it's the possibility of a hard freeze, and I'm afraid the damage would be almost incalculable with things having progressed as they have. Larry

Hosta Nerd said...

I know, I've been clearing things away from things that are already growing. Otherwise it will be impossible to rake around them later.