Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Starting Hosta from Seed

This is a reposting from last season:

Starting Hosta Seeds

These are the seeds I collected in fall. I put them in paper envelopes so they would have proper air circulation, and kept them in the garage where it is cool and dry.

I then sprinkle the hosta seeds on to a paper towel with a little help from Ally.

I cover the seeds with another paper towel and dampen it (don't make too wet or seeds will mold).

I then put the damp paper towel with seeds in plastic bags and label them .

Then I put them on top of the refrigerator where it is warm and will encourage germination. I will check them in a week to see if there is any activity. Once they germinate I put them into soil. I use this method to germinate seeds, so I can see what seeds are viable before planting them in soil.

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