Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hosta of the Day - 'Ice Age Trail'

Hosta 'Ice Age Trail' is a streaked hosta.   Streaked hostas have irregular color patterns in their leaves.  The coloring is very unstable, and usually every leaf will look different.  Streaked hostas are highly sought after in the hosta world for their unusual coloring and breeding characteristics.  Streaked hostas seeds have a higher percentage of creating streaked or variegated seedlings then other hostas.  However, because they are unstable in coloring a lot of streaked hostas will eventually revert back to an all solid color.  Hosta 'Ice Age Trails' has blue leaves with cream and white streaking.  It's leaves are very textured and corrugated.  Although it's parent is hosta 'Big Daddy', this plant is medium in size and a very slow grower from my experience.
Hosta 'Ice Age Trail' 2009
Hosta 'Ice Age Trail' 2011

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