Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cheesehead Travels: Gardens of Casa/Casita Del Rio & Exotic Cactus Ranch

Large hot springs tub of Casa Del Rio overlooking Rio Grande river and Turtleback Mountains
This will be the last post on my travels to New Mexico.  I promise tomorrow to feature a hosta for you!  I just enjoyed my stay in New Mexico so much that I wanted to share it.  I don't think New Mexico is usually on the top of everyone's travel list.  There are natural hot springs that run throughout the town of Truth or Consequences.  Our house featured a hot spring tub, which was where we spent the majority of our vacation.

Everyone was so nice in Truth or Consequences.  Even though it was a small town and everyone knew everyone they never made visitors feel unwelcome.  It was not uncommon to walk into a store or restaurant and people would just start talking to you, asking about your day, like you were one of the local towns people.  Here are the last of some of the pictures of gardens and such of the house we rented while there, and of the nursery I visited there called Exotic Cactus Ranch:
Another hot spring tub of Casita Del Rio house
Casa Del Rio
Spaceport America is not far, and they launched a rocket during our stay. 

Overlooking Rio Grand and Turtleback Mountains
Love this metal garden sculpture
Heron on Rio Grande
Loved these hooks they had placed all over the gardens and fences.
Visiting Exotic Cactus Ranch
Cactus in bloom
Another Cactus bloom
Large display cactus
Sign for Exotic Cactus Ranch

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