Friday, April 27, 2012

Playing with New Camera - Any advice for SLR Novice?

On Monday I bought a new to me camera.  I decided to try to delve into the world of SLR.  Since I have no clue about photography past my point and shoot camera I decided to buy used.  So I am now armed with a Canon Rebel XTi.  Everyone I know who owns an SLR camera does not use it for garden photography.  So if there is anyone out there in the gardening world that uses a SLR camera I welcome any advice.  I tend to do a lot of macro shots in the garden, and would really like to know how to get the best shots from my camera.


Mark David Zahn @ Shutter Happens Photography said...

This is probably the simplest tutorial I've found for using an SLR camera.

Hosta Nerd said...

Thanks Mark, It really is a very nice tutorial! I learned so much just from that page. I can finally take my camera out of auto mode!

Debra said...

I'll have to watch the tutorial, too! Mark and I have been using a SLR for a long time. It's just within the last year that I'm starting to learn the ins and outs of its awesome potential. We've got a great macro lens and I love shooting nature/garden shots with it. The bumble bee/flower pics from last summer still amaze me.

My advice? Have FUN with it. It's a whole new playground. :) ...and then, upload the pics to picmonkey and play around some more. Dig it! :)