Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hosta of the Day - 'Lemon Lime'

This cute little hosta is a very vigorous in my garden.  I swear every year I divide this one in half, and by fall it's back to it's spring size.  That's unusual for a miniature hosta, since they are usually not the most hardy of the hosta family.  Another unusual feature of this hosta, is that it tends to bloom more then once a year!  It has wavy, lance shaped chartreuse leaves that hold their color all season.  It's a great hosta for the front of the border, especially a shady border that you want to brighten up!  It would also work great in a container or miniature garden.

Hosta 'Lemon Lime' 2009
Hosta 'Lemon Lime' 2011

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