Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Climbing Roses Hardy for Wisconsin Winters

It's the time of year when I walk into my backyard and immediately smell the roses (literally)!  Climbing roses can be easy to grow in colder climates if you choose the right variety.  The ones below are John Cabot and William Baffin.  Both are Canadian grown climbing roses which are known to be hardy to about zone 3.  Other varieties of roses will grow in colder climates, but Canadian grown roses are hardier and require less care since they are usually shrub type roses.  These roses are very low maintenance, usually only some fall pruning.  I never even cover them for the winter.  Canadian roses are perfect for colder climate gardens, people without a green thumb, or those who want roses without all the care that goes along with them.


Gardens at Waters East said...

Checking in on my hosta neighbor to the West. Nice roses. Here on the shore of Lake Michigan, it will be a couple of weeks before roses do their thing. Jack

Hosta Nerd said...

Nice to hear from you Jack! Everything here is pretty far ahead. I have lilies that I think are going to bloom any day that usually bloom around the 4th of July.