Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wildflowers of the Big Horn Mountains

I have just returned from a great vacation.  My husband, parents, and I went on a 9 day road trip where we visited South Dakota, Wyoming, and for 3 days stayed with great friends on their ranch in Montana.

While in Wyoming we made it to the Big Horn Mountains where it was the start of their wildflower season.  Here are some that I happened to catch on camera:


This looked like some kind of bee balm - could be horsemint before it blooms

Orange Sneezeweed

Blue Flag Iris

Prairie Smoke

King's Crown

Silvery Lupine

Alpine Phlox



King's Crown and Alpine Phlox

Alpine Sunflower

My husband and my dad thought these were hostas (which they are not LOL), but I am pretty sure they are common Mullien.

Wild Chamomile and Alpine Forget-me-not

Orange Sneezeweed and Pinedrops

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