Monday, June 18, 2012

Hosta 'War Paint'

Hosta 'War Paint' is one of my favorite spring hostas.  It is so beautiful with it variegation and pie crust edges.  I always hope that it will stay that way, but it greens up as spring progresses.  So this year I decided to take a picture of it every week just to show the difference in color.  Even after it turns all green it's still a beautiful hosta.
Hosta 'War Paint' early spring

Look at the beautiful variegation in the leaf.

Hosta 'War Paint' one week later

Hosta 'War Paint' two weeks later

Hosta 'War Paint' three weeks later

Hosta 'War Paint' four weeks later, almost all variegation is gone.


Anonymous said...

Interesting "time lapse" depiction.

In the past, I haven't paid much attention to this one because of the quick reversion. That probably isn't fair, considering all the other things that get planted with full knowledge that they may only give a few weeks' worth of interest.

Your first photo convinced me to put this one on the short list.


Hosta Nerd said...

Even when it fully reverts to green it's beautiful like Niagra Falls. It sometimes will keep some of the variegation but very lightly.