Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hosta of the Year 2013

It's time to start putting in your nominations for hosta of the year 2013.  If you go to the hosta forum on Garden Web you can put in your two cents worth.  Or you can just post them here and I will put in a collective vote on the page based on what's most popular.

The hosta must meet the following:
1. It must be a good plant that will grow in all regions of the country
2. Must be widely available on the year of selection.
3. Must retail for around $15 in the year of selection.

Here is a list of hostas that have already earned Hosta of the Year.

1996 'So Sweet' 

1997 'Patriot' 

1998 'Fragrant Bouquet' 
1999 'Paul's Glory' 
2000 'Sagae' 
2001 'June' 
2002 'Guacamole' 
2003 'Regal Splendor' 
2004 'Sum and Substance' 
2005 'Striptease' 
2006 'Stained Glass' 
2007 'Paradigm' 
2009 'Earth Angel'
2010 'First Frost'
2011 'Praying Hands'

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