Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Plant Sale Saturday, May 6 9am-1pm

Hello Everyone,
If you haven't heard, we sold our house and are moving.  The person who bought our house wants all plants and landscaping removed.  So the hostas are dug up, and I have divided what I could.  The good news is I can bring my plants with me to my new house where I will have almost an acre.  

Plant sale will be from 9am-1pm on Saturday.  Hostas and other plants will be $5, $10, or $15.  Most are just nubs right now, so you kind of have to know your hostas.  There are plants still left in the ground that are free for the digging (not hostas -Mostly daylily, joe pye weed, and ground covers.)

Here is an idea of the hostas I have:
Velvet Moon
Maui buttercups
Clear Fork River
Big Daddy
Hot Green Chiles
Blue Seer
Star Kissed
Rosedale Golden Goose
Blue Angel
Ventricosa Auremarginata
Dick Ward
Babbling Brook
Black Forest
Valentine Lace
Academy Blushing Recluse
Krossa Regal
Moonlight Sonata
Austin Dickinson
Dance w/ Me
King Tut
Abiqua Moonbeam
Moon Waves
Pineapple Upside Down Cake
Golden Tiara
August Moon
Red Dragon
Bright Lights
Blazing Saddles
Summer Music
Sea Fire
Flemish Sky
Holy's Stinger
Gum Drop
Kiwi Gold Rush
Potomac Pride
Wild Green Cream
Last Dance
Grand Tiara
Lakeside Roy El
Kifukurin Hyuga
Gold Star

Location: 2555 Teakwood St, Appleton
Hope to see you there!


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