Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pre-Plant Outing Excitement

It's the night before my first all day plant shopping outing of the year.  My friend, Gina, and I have already been on the phone with each other, planning times and what greenhouses we would like to visit.    Our first stop will be to a hosta sale being held at someone's house in Green Bay.  We have all day, who knows where we might end up after that?  Mayflower Greenhouse, Rosehill, and House of Hosta are all possible stops.  Gina and I are already giddy with excitement!  Not only do we both have the day off of work, but we are spending the WHOLE day plant shopping!  I bet my non-gardening friends think this is the dorkiest thing they have ever read.  I can already hear the conversation Gina and I are going to have when she picks me up at 7am tomorrow..."I couldn't sleep, I was so excited....".  This is the confession of a true plant addict here people.  I even bought a new little greenhouse today to keep all of my annuals in until it warms up enough to keep them outside.  Good thing tomorrow is wordless Wednesday, I'll post pics of some of my purchases.


Sandy said...

Can I come too? Sounds like the most fun kind of day to me!

Hosta Nerd said...

You could have come up and joined us:)

Gayle said...

I TOTALLY understand! I had vacation time recently & planned a trip to my favorite hosta nursery 1.5 hours away. I was up, dressed, makeup, and ready to go at 5am because I was so excited. I just sat around all pretty & no place to go for a couple hours until I could leave.