Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tree Peony Blooms

This is my second try at a tree peony.  After I lost my first one when it didn't survive a Wisconsin winter I swore them off.  Then last summer I was out shopping for plants and happened upon a a whole slew of tree peonies on the clearance rack.  I was intrigued by the picture of Paeonia 'Koukamon', which showed it as a black colored peony.  It was marked down to $5, so I decided to give a tree peony another try.  I was very excited to see it make it through the winter this year, and then I was even more excited when I saw 3 huge flower buds form on the plant.  I have been waiting weeks for them to bloom, and finally today they opened up.  They are absolutely huge, not to mention they smell wonderful.  Though they are not the black flowers it showed on the plant tag, I am so happy that I changed my mind and decided to try another tree peony.


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

What a bargain - it's gorgeous! Welcome to the Fanatical Tree Peony Lover's club. Have you gotten your market umbrella to protect it from hard rain? ;^)

Hosta Nerd said...

Umbrella? I did put a tomato cage around it today.

Tree Service Charlotte said...

Lookin' good! The blossoms are open and healthy looking, keep it up! God bless, and happy gardening!!

-Tony Salmeron